Thursday, August 30, 2007

Self Hypnosis MP3's and CD's

I've been looking for some self hypnosis mp3's that i can download to my ipod so that I can "improve myself" while i'm commuting to work. I think that's the perfect time to work on my self development. According to this wikipedia page on hypnosis repeated suggestion can effect your behavior after a while. They have a download for hypnosis cd's to quit smoking which i definitely need to listen to because i smoke like a chimney.

Thursday, December 28, 2006

CarSeats and Strollers

I went to target the other day to buy my kid a carseat and guess what? They were out of all of them! I kind of thought that was crazy that a big store like target was all out of carseats. Anyway, i ended up coming home and finding a website that sold carseats and strollers. They had a really great selection and a lot of customer reviews which helped me pick a good one. I needed one for my son that would fit my Infiniti Q, would be easy to install and keep him safe.

Thinking about starting a Business

Shew..I haven't blogged in a while. I'm glad i'm picking it up again. I found this site the other day that focuses strictly on promoting business opportunities. I thought is was pretty interesting how they have things broken down by what type of business opportunity you are interested in. I was thinking about starting a business of my own and did a little research on this sba loan site. I found out that I can probably get a pretty good loan. I was particularly interested in one of the home based businesses.

Anyway, I think i'm goint to apply for the sba loan and see what happens. You never know, if I get the loan I might be the proud owner of a new home and garden party business!

Friday, July 28, 2006

Dog Collars

I think it's about time to get my dog a new dog collar. Actually, my dog is a puller and i've been hearing a lot about these new dog harnesses that are much better for walking your dog because the leash attaches to the front of the harness instead of the back. What ends up happening is that if the dog tries to pull when you're walking it, it can't because your pulling it from the front. The dog has nothing to push against and after a while it just gives up on the whole pulling idea. Trying to walk a dog that pulls a lot has got to be one of the most annoying things on earth. Just ask Cesar. What ends up happening is that both the dog and the dog owner suffer becuase the dog doesn't get walked as often and when it does get walked, it's hurting it's own trachea. Not good news...

Friday, June 09, 2006

I was surfing the web the other day and happened to stumble across these two golf sites, and It made me realize that I really miss going golfing. Heck, I know that I was never that good but there's something about going out on the green that makes me feel alive. I reckon that it might be good to take me some lessons. I found a golf school in my area and they actually have 2 New York golf shcool locations and one golf school in Florida, which is where I have my vacation home so that works out perfectly. I'm excited to take up golfing again and I can't wait to get back out there. Fore!

Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Home Improvement and Water Softeners

Perhaps it's the sign of Spring that has caused me to get up this past week and do some work on the home. From painting the garage this weekend to installing some new hardware in the home, it's been pretty busy.

My biggest task has involved the decision to install a water softener. I had been reading up on what happens to water and ions and all that stuff when it comes in contact with limestone and other metals. After reading it, it made it a little difficult to drink that tap water straight anymore. Hard water was definitely different than I though.

If you want to learn more about how it works, take a look at that site that gives a pretty good description that is easy to understand. I've found some good sites that sell high quality water softeners systems for homes. They even carry some cool stuff like ultraviolet sterilization systems.

Thursday, February 23, 2006

Almost time for cancun. Where are the local hotspots?

Well, it's almost time for my spring break vacation and I must say I have been working hard to get in perfect shape. :) Via el Cancun.

Here are the places I am planning on hitting up:

La Boom
This place is a must vist internationally renowned mega club. Awesome light and sound show, video bar, and DJs. Open till the sun comes up.

Coco Bongo
Ultra-trendy nightclub with DJ’s and live music. Lots of beautiful people and a great atmosphere. You will have good luck at this place.

Daddy O’s
Good music, original contests and prize giveaways. Famous for its CO2 cooling on the dance floor. Check it out.

Senor Frogs
Probably the most famous bar of all. Tequilla poppers anyone? All ages atmosphere, with good food and cocktails. Also open for dinner.

O Ultra Lounge
Great martinis and lots of beautiful people. Chill-out ambient lounge music give this place a unique twist.

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Finances and Purchasing a new Home

It is amazing how easy it has begun to apply and qualify for a home loan online these days with a number of websites. Within minutes of entering some basic personal information, financial background, and social security number, these sites can tell you if you are qualified on the spot. From there, it's as easy as filling out some forms, dotting a few things in the contract, and you have yourself a hefty home loan.

It's not only home loans that people can do online these days. Things like home refinancing have become popular as housing prices in certain areas continue to increase. Also those financially strapped are taking out second mortgages on their homes to pay for various things such as old credit card bills or perhaps a new business they want to pursue. In any case, the Internet and some crafty online mortgage companies have made it so we can cut down on the paperwork and allow any novice like myself to acquire a home loan easily.