Friday, December 09, 2005

Spot Needs a New Dog Bed

So I was going through my Christmas list trying to figure out who I still need to get gifts for when I realized that my dog Spot was sleeping on a dirty old towel on the floor. If anyone deserves a Christmas gift it would definitely be Spot. So I figured I would get him a new dog bed. The only problem I had was trying to figure out which one to get. I looked at the petsmart site and the ones that they had seemed pretty cheap. I found some really good ones at Bark Slope and the prices seemed to be reasonable. Now, the only question is should I get a bolster dog bed (so that spot has something to lean his head on) or just a round dog bed. I think spot would appreciate the head rest so I think I’ll get him the bolster dog bed. One other bed that caught my attention was this other one. But it’s way too expensive.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Mom Likes to Cook - Christmas Gift Solved

The yearly task of finding a gift my Mom actually likes and will actually uses may just be solved this year. Over Thanksgiving and the annual visit for turkey, mashed potatoes and all fixings, I realized that she is still organizing all her recipes in those ridiculous recipe boxes that get old, tattered, and dirty. Although it holds a nostalgic feel, it is completely unnecessary in our day of computers.

What better way to help my Mom the closet cook then to pick her up some amazing recipe software so that she can learn how to publish a cookbook from home. There were some other cookbook and recipe management software solutions out there, but I think I came across the most affordable and full of features. So with that problem solved, it's off to work on Dad.