Monday, November 07, 2005

New Laws Require Headsets

Thankfully cities are figuring out that most of us drivers can't stand to be driving next to some guy worried more about his useless cell phone conversation than driving. This is why I've seen an influx in new laws that require users driving on the road to use wireless headsets while driving. I'm sure you've heard about the bluetooth ones, but there are actually a lot of other alternatives.

Besides having headsets to help while driving, they can actually come in quite handy at the office. If you've ever sat on the phone for hours at a time you are quite familiar with that cramp you get in your neck and shoulders. A company call plantronics actually makes some really nice headsets for business types. These plantronics headsets can be found just about anywhere you buy office supplies or by running some basic searches in Google. My personal favorite is made by that Plantronics company and is called the Plantronics cs50 wireless headset. Wherever you find them, headsets of the wireless and non-wireless kind can be a great way to relieve some stress on your daily life and possibly even save a life.