Friday, July 22, 2005

Hiring a Nanny or Not?

It's a pretty difficult decision many of us face when we have our first kid. Do you go out and hire a nanny to handle the daily duties, or have you or your wife stay home.
Personally, I've always been for having family take care of my kid.

However, for a first born, I think an experienced nanny can do wonders. Although we try to tell ourselves that it is a learning experience, a nanny who has dealt with young kids for years can't be beat. They've seen it all, and can offer some invaluable advice you couldn't pick up in any book.

So if you are looking for nanny services for your child, the best bet is to look online, and research very closely. Plenty of great resources to use. There are even some organizations made specifically for nannies that have guidelines that must be met.

Luckily for me I've had no problem finding a nanny in Houston where I've been searching for sometime. I just home my brother who is desparately searching doesn't run into the same problem out in Boston finding a nanny.