Wednesday, May 04, 2005

Other Types of Blogs

I didn't realize how powerful the blogging community had gotten until I ran some searches today on Ask Jeeves. It seems that every type of blog in the world exists. I saw blogs about poker, business, adult, personal, humor, politics, and many many more that I don't feel like listing. It isn't just about people writing a journal about their life, but used to make money and even document experiences and events.

A friend of mine introduced me to blogging back in November. I was totally surprised at how easy it was to setup a blog, update a blog, and the fact that it was free. Heck, you could even make money on your blogs by putting up some ads (though I haven't ventured out to that yet). Technology has certainly advanced and even caught up to tech idiots like myself.

I saw an interesting video online about the future of blogging and the Internet. It was a little scary, as it made it seem that blogging could take over for a lot of your mainstream media. You won't need to get a journalism degree to work for a major news outlet. Just start a blog or site like Drudge and start reporting. Some of your best reporting is done by these people. But you have to be careful, they can also carry a lot of rumors, lies, and propoganda.