Friday, April 29, 2005

Finding my way around town

New city, new places, and I'm completely lost. Things move much faster out here, although I'm starting to find some good places to lay my hat. Came across one of the better Internet Yellow Pages out there.

A few searches and I was able to find some good restaurants and even a new chiropractor in my area. I highly recommend them.

The condo is working out nicely. Bought a new couch and box spring mattress for my bed. Spent a little more money than I wanted to but I figure it is worth it. I've been so carefree with my money of late. I always figured I'd be more careful the older I got.

Summer is on the way and it's still cold as hell. Hopefully we'll see the sun peak through in the next couple days and I can get rid of this horrible pale skin that the Portland winters have given me.